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Just a Sip Mexico City

About the book

Just a Sip Mexico City

It could seem that we know a city, but when we make small approaches from a specific spot and historical anecdotes, a new world gets opened for us. To look at the city through a lock is to discover that the landscape that we thought we knew is unfolded in greater depth.

This book is for intrepid readers who like to read. In it «Just a Sip Mexico City» invites you to leave your home, leave out the shopping centers and take over public spaces.

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About autor

Diana Benítez Paucar

I am a passionate philosopher, I love to write and tell stories that provide opportunities to draw a smile.

While philosophy has allowed me to navigate utopian and possible thoughts, it is in public spaces where you can take the pulse of human experience, and from a personal perspective, you can interpret how society lives, thinks and feels.

To live in Mexico City and wander its streets was to find pieces of a puzzle, full of color, flavor, passion. This is how Just a sip Mexico city was born, which tries, from a different perspective, to tell singular anecdotes that invite us to rediscover attractive spaces in the 16 mayoralties of the city. 

Diana Benitez

¿Why "Just a Sip Mexico City"?

Now you can take «Just a sip Mexico City» to your home and live a wonderful experience. Know all the anecdotes of the city and those public corners that do not explain you anywhere.

Some of the reasons why you like this Ebook are:

  • You can explore new places
  • You can confirm the anecdotes told
  • You can know in advance the description of the place
  • Suggestions for visiting the site
  • Website of the place
  • How to get to the place
  • Times, place  
  • Suggestions to make your visit pleasant
  • You have positioning gps